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Types of Shovels: Comprehensive Guide

Apr 7th, 2022 at 11:30   Beauty, Fitness & Sports   Matara   338 views

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Types of Shovels: Comprehensive Guide

While buying tools for your toolkit, garage, or workshop, you can find yourself across a wide range of hand tools. As you would expect, these tools are made for all kinds of usage depending on the buyers. Although, a few hand tools are highly universal that can be used for a wide range of applications making them a must-have for any toolkit.

One such hand tool that you will find in almost any garage is a shovel. Whether you are working around your home or at a job site, there are a lot of cases where you might need a shovel. Although, even while buying a shovel, you can find a lot of different types, which can be quite confusing for a lot of buyers. In that case, make sure to check all the different types of shovels stated down below to easily pick the best one for you:

Now that you know that shovels are highly versatile in general, this means that they get used for a wide range of applications. And while you can use any normal shovel for multiple things, you will not get the best results. Instead, you should go through the following different types of shovels and pick the one made for your specific use case for the best results:

1. Digging Shovel

Whenever you are talking about shovels in general, a digging shovel is most likely what comes to your mind. As per the name, such a shovel is used for digging up soil for gardening and other applications. To offer high functionality, these shovels have a decently sharp blade for easily cutting through soil and other things present in the ground. You will also find a high grip collar handle with most digging shovels for easily moving hardened soil if needed. But even if you are going with a digging shovel, you will the following three types of blade options to choose from:

A) Square Digging Shovel


As per the name, a square digging shovel has a flat and straight blade end which makes it useful for edging and making trenches. You can also use a square digging shovel to move shrubs and bushes if needed. Since the blade is completely straight and rigid, it can be a great option for digging up hardened soil.

B) Pointed Digging Shovel

Round Point Shovel

With a pointed digging shovel, you can work in tight spaces as well as in a part of soil that has a lot of roots and rocks. Because the blade is curved at the front, you can also scoop up loose soil with ease in comparison to a square digging shovel.

C) Round Digging Shovel


A round digging shovel has a completely dome-shaped blade at the end, which is generally used for gardening. If you want to move small plants, shrubs, and flowers, then this can be a great option as the round blade does not cut the roots. Similar to a pointed digging shovel, a round digging shovel is also ideal for loose soil and not hardened soil.

. Edging Shovel

Edging Shovel

As per the name, an edging shovel is made for highly specific usage. To be exact, you will have to use an edging shovel when you wish to create edges in the soil. This is generally ideal for gardens where you might want to distribute the solid of your garden into different parts for different plants and flowers. In comparison to most other shovels, an edging shovel has a very unique-looking blade which is similar to a half-moon. Since this type of shovel uses a very thin blade, you can easily use them alongside fences, sidewalks, garden borders, driveways, and other places where you have to create a precise edge.